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This is a community effort supported by CECAM.

ESL Curating Team

These people have the oversight responsibility and authority on the contents, and can act as moderators if needed.

  • Fabiano Corsetti (Nanogune, San Sebastian, Spain)
  • Jan Kloppenburg (Duke University, North Carolina, USA)
  • Micael Oliveira (Université de Liège, Belgium)
  •  ??

Advisory Committee

  • Dominic Tildesley (confirm)
  • Mike Payne (confirm)
  • Emilio Artacho
  • Arash Mostofi
  • Volker Blum (confirm)
  • Matthieu Verstraete (confirm)
  • Alberto García (confirm)
  • Nicola Marzari (confirm)
  • Stefano de Gironcoli (confirm)
  • Xavier Gonze (confirm)
  • Thierry Deutsch (confirm)
  • Jürg Hutter (confirm)


These are the persons that contribute to the entry contents (the credits related to the software itself, if externally developed, are stated in the corresponding entries).

Initial team

The people that started the ESL from scratch are the members of the ESL Curating Team plus the following.

  • Georg Huhs
  • Stephan Mohr
  • Aleksandr Fonari
  • Matteo Giantomassi
  • Ask Larsen

This initial effort was done within an extended workshop pushed and funded by CECAM, with its Director, Dominic Tildesley, and Mike Payne and Emilio Artacho as organisers.

Other Contributors