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The entry is first introduced with a few lines of what the software is about. An introductory abstract. Brief but sufficient to transmit the reader what he/she needs to know in order to decide whether it is interesting for his/her project.

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(Optional) Here the basic theory behind the software is described, including the algorithm specification and brief description. Depending on the kind of entry this section can vary in length and even be absent if the function of the software is standard or obvious from the initial description above. It allows for equations as interesting as this one


but, of course, not forgetting that , that is, allowing for isolated and indented, or in-line equations. If you view the source or edit it, you will see how easy it is, just using LaTeX. Maecenas ut porttitor purus. Fusce laoreet tortor at urna consectetur, eget posuere sapien pharetra. Etiam lorem turpis, consequat nec nisi aliquam, facilisis porttitor nisi. Ut eget lorem non sem suscipit condimentum sed id nisi. Vivamus sed dignissim odio. Pellentesque auctor metus erat, at vestibulum enim viverra non. Aenean nec tempor massa, ut feugiat ipsum.


(Mandatory) The main paper describing this piece of software is [1]




List here dependencies


On how to install, link etc.


Here you provide information on tests prepared for the software.

Programming Interface

(Mandatory) in some cases can link to external page or to other wiki-page.

subroutine theRoutine( a, B, result, n, w)

Implementation independent:

  • a (input) INTEGER
    Variable a
  • B (input) DOUBLE PRECISION array, dimension (a,a)
    Matrix B.
  • result (output) DOUBLE PRECISION array, dimension (a,a)
    The result.

Algorithm specific:

  • n (output) DOUBLE PRECISION
    Variable n.

Implementation specific:

  • w (input, optional) LOGICAL
    T: Do this.
    F: Don't do it.

Future developments

(Optional) You can announce here things to come related to your software, keeping in mind that you want to deliver.

Other sections

(Optional) Other sections can be added if relevant for the software.



  1. Authors, Title, ... Link