Much of the work on ESL happens in workshops that are organized at least yearly. The format is not the traditional format of a workshop with only talks and presentations. Rather, large segments of these workshops are dedicated to actual coding and development.

The key point is that these workshops are open to anyone with an interest in library development for electronic structure theory. If this is something you are doing, we would like to see you there. Together, we can make a great shared resource to simplify the nitty-gritties of electronic structure theory and push the science forward.



Fortran OOP Seminar Series

Several ESL developers meet regularly to talk about Object-Oriented Programming with Fortran. These are rather informal meetings covering a wide range of topics, where participants share their experiences, present problems and ask for advice.

Topics for upcoming seminars:

  • Object creation, instantiation techniques (discussing Fortran related issues + general patterns like abstract factory, etc.)
  • Interface designing HOWTO.
  • Refactoring HOWTO.
  • Testing strategies
  • Good practices in operator overloading